Saturday , April 29 2017

About Me is a Way To learn and spread The Education

In 2014 i launched this website just for the purpose of my own interest . i was thinking to make a website where i can teach online and earn some money. I started working on my website and was thinking to achieve something. But GOD Knows better i got disappointed . Because i was thinking to earn money from this web site as soon as possible . Even i started this website for Money . I Earned nothing in Case of money But Yes it was the first project which changed my Whole life. i learned a lot of things and Still learning. In 2017 i added a category on the name of educational info into my website . and Its the turning step i am going to take. From now The website will provide you all the information about admissions / Results and all educational activities . Also you can get free courses of technology and computer from here . 


If you want to share any thing with us about Education and Technology then we are here to help you.  Contact us at


About Muhammad Naveed

My name is Muhammad naveed.i am Born on 20 march 1997 in the small area of bannu “Janikhel” in pakistan.i am A Blogger and a online Computer Teacher.I came to know Blogging and make money online in 2014 and i am started online work.i am also The owner of many others websites.I am provides free video courses for the people who want to learn computer in urdu.i am Currently a Blogger.web designer,online teacher,Graphics Designer and Social media Expert.

What i actually Know About Computer is  Listed Here

  • Blogging ( Blogger,wordpress,Webs,Weebly etc)
  • Make money online (Google ads,Infolinks,chitika ads,free lancer)
  • Microsoft office (Ms word,ms power point,etc)
  • Graphics designing (Coral draw,inpage urdu,adobe photo shop)
  • Seo (Search engine optimization)
  • Google webmaster (Google webmaster tools)
  • Social media (Facebook,twitter,Google+,youtube,Dailymotion,Vimeo,)

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