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 Techmediapak.com is a Way To learn and spread The Education

[box type=”note” align=”” class=”” width=””]In 2014 i launched this website just for the purpose of my own interest . i was thinking to make a website where i can teach online and earn some money. I started working on my website and was thinking to achieve something. But GOD Knows better i got disappointed . Because i was thinking to earn money from this web site as soon as possible . Even i started this website for Money . I Earned nothing in Case of money But Yes it was the first project which changed my Whole life. i learned a lot of things and Still learning. In 2017 i added a category on the name of educational info into my website . and Its the turning step i am going to take. From now The website will provide you all the information about admissions / Results and all educational activities . Also you can get free courses of technology and computer from here . [/box]


[box type=”success” align=”alignright” class=”” width=””]If you want to share any thing with us about Education and Technology then we are here to help you.  Contact us at contact@Techmediapak.com[/box]


About Muhammad Naveed

My name is Muhammad naveed.i am Born on 20 march 1997 in the small area of bannu “Janikhel” in pakistan.i am A Blogger and a online Computer Teacher.I came to know Blogging and make money online in 2014 and i am started online work.i am also The owner of many others websites.I am provides free video courses for the people who want to learn computer in urdu.i am Currently a Blogger.web designer,online teacher,Graphics Designer and Social media Expert.

What i actually Know About Computer is  Listed Here

  • Blogging ( Blogger,wordpress,Webs,Weebly etc)
  • Make money online (Google ads,Infolinks,chitika ads,free lancer)
  • Microsoft office (Ms word,ms power point,etc)
  • Graphics designing (Coral draw,inpage urdu,adobe photo shop)
  • Seo (Search engine optimization)
  • Google webmaster (Google webmaster tools)
  • Social media (Facebook,twitter,Google+,youtube,Dailymotion,Vimeo,)

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