Best ways for students to Make money online in pakistan

You are searching on the internet to get something special but still got nothing.Probably you are searching something in the wrong path. You are Not the first one in this case but many internet users attempting this type of actions by mistake. and they are getting nothing beneficial from internet.

If you thought then what’s will be best for you to earn from internet then you can earn money from internet.In this game of earning you will just need fine brains and good knowledge. Yes we are talking about the ways which you can use to catch some money from internet.  This is not a trick nor a wrong way but you can start earning halal money from internet. But as i mentioned then fine brains are necessary .

If you are a student and want to use your knowledge for getting something then today is the last chance for you to start your online career. Students in Pakistan have good knowledge but unluckily they have no jobs and no government support is available for them. So i decided to share a guide for all those students who have skills but no job.

Lets start Learning of how to make money online in Pakistan. The guide is for every one but i think only students will understand because Uneducated Person will not understand English. so they can watch my previous videos about Make money online which is in Urdu language.

ways for students to make money online in Pakistan

5 Ways for students to make money online in pakistan

There are 5 famous ways which you can use to make money online.

  1. Blogging
  2. Freelancing
  3. YouTube
  4. Providing Services
  5. Affiliate Marketing

Lets see the details of every single method.

1: Blogging

The word blogging mean starting a blog on any topic. Blogging is a big way to make big money online.In my Case i earned nothing special from blogging but i think every one have not the same story. Many of pro Pakistani bloggers running their businesses on the money which they earned from blogging.

Blogging in urdu

in this method you can start a blog on blogger which is free to use. If you have some money in your pocket then i recommend for blogging. Because in WordPress every thing will be in your control. You can buy a web hosting and then install WordPress In your control panel. WordPress is a professional blogging platform But costly. So if you are newbie and don’t have the ability to pay money then blogger is best for you.

After creating a blog you can share some interesting contents and share it with the help of social media. you can create social media profiles to share your blog with more Peoples. And after building some trust of users on your blog you can monetize your website with advertisement.

Now a day getting an advertisement from individual is so risky and difficult work. So you can apply for google Adsense which is google product. There are many more advertisement companies which are easy to use and you can get money from them by showing their ads. You will get commission on every click From your users. Google Adsense is the first priority of every one so i think it is the best.

there are thousands ways which you can use for making money online via your blogs. Below is the some popular ways which you can check By clicking on any link.

Hopefully you will get some ideas from the previous posts then how blogging will change your life.

2: Freelancing

The word freelancing mean a person with skills working freely. For example if you have a job in a Government department then you are not free , you are just following whats they are teaching you. So if you have skills and want to work freely on your demand then Start freelancing on internet.

Freelancing in urdu

How to start Freelancing career on internet?

If you want to start freelancing Job then listen carefully. Focus just on one platform and start working hard to build some trust of your clients. There are many websites where you can start working for others And get paid.

Top freelancing websites


How to start work on this sites

you can choose any one of them to start working for your clients. is easy to use and i must recommend this website for starting Freelancing.

You can watch Fiverr training in Urdu which i shared Year ago when fiverr appeared on the face of internet. I have good experience of working on fiverr. Hopefully above guide on fiverr will clear your concept.


Youtube is my 3rd choice because I saw many people’s started their step of success from YouTube. I am also working on YouTube . But as you know then YouTube was blocked in Pakistan so it was not my priority to work on regular basis. But Again i started work and i hope something will happen better with me.So Youtube is also a good source for earning money online.

Youtube Earning In urdu

How to earn money online from YouTube

Unluckily YouTube Monetization program is just available in some special countries. IN The list of Eligible countries Pakistan is Not available. But you can get USA Adsense account via many sources free and then Upload videos on YouTube and earn your pocket money at your home.

YouTube is affiliated with Adsense and for that purpose you will need an Adsense hosted account in which throw you can receive money in Pakistan.

4:Providing Services

In this method you can provide your services online to your clients and Get paid in returns. For that Purpose you can create your own website OR There are many platforms where you can share Your services and people’s will contact you.

If i can Give you a good example of This business Then Hosting companies Is the perfect example in my opinion. From Hosting companies You can get Domain name and Hosting for your website. Also Some companies providing SEO Services which is pretty good.

I think if you have some good skills Then The business is a Good idea for you.

5: Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing Mean affiliation with some one for Marketing Purposes.

How this business working and How much Important. Take a Look On the headlines

How to do affiliate marketing?

There are Hundreds of Popular companies which Providing services To their thousands of customers. And they want to Increase their customers. So for this reason they have affiliate marketing option.

In Affiliate marketing you can apply for any company affiliation and register Yourself with them. After that they will provide you a Unique link Which you can share with people’s. And if someone Registered From your Link then you will get Commission.

Payoneer is a Good example of Affiliate marketing. On Payoneer You will get a referral link . You can share this referral link on your blog and any where . And if someone Joining Payoneer from your Link then You will get 25$ But when Your referred person Loaded 100$ In his account.

Affiliate marketing is a complete strategy so I will share a Complete training on this topic soon.

So let me say the article is interesting or boring? Consider It better by sharing On Facebook and social media with your friends who studying In institution and want to Earn money online. Best Of Luck

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  • April 20, 2016 at 11:32 am

    wow this is best way for student and newbies to online earn money
    i like this articles thank men for sharing this awesome post
    hats off

  • November 20, 2016 at 2:47 pm

    if in freelancing you do someones homework or assignment for which they earn credit in their classes then its not halal.

  • January 2, 2018 at 5:16 pm

    How do you make blogs.And if you can create web site ,then tell from beginning.
    Moreover, explain how to receive payment or income through diverse ways.
    How bank account can be made under 18.

    • January 3, 2018 at 10:02 am

      IF YOU NEED help related blogs or websites then you can contact me on my phone number . check the contact page . i will guide you . Thanks


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