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google adwords keyword tool video training in urdu/Hindi

As we know then google have many Important Tools for webmasters. Google Keyword Planner tool is also one of them.By Using this tool we are getting Suggestion about any keyword. Its will Give you Proper Information. For example if you want to create a Blog about Internet then you need to search about this on keyword planner. Its a great tool For Getting good results via search engines.Before posting any article Get suggestion from this tool Because its playing a vital rule in Search engine optimization. Below is the complete Guide for you to learn completely

google keyword planner tutorial in urdu

How Google keywords planner Tool working?

Google keyword planner is a part of Google Adword tool. If you want to get Targeted traffic to your website from search engines then You can use this Good service. Its also available for Those People who want to Bring High quality Traffic to their websites , And for this Purpose they need to get an idea from This Tool. 
For Example: If You  want to Get traffic to Your Blog &  your blog is about Urdu tutorials , then you can Just search this keyword and set a Target location, The tool will give you A result about every thing which will beneficial for you. This tool will show you a complete result about a keyword, Then How many People searching About this in monthly basis. If you want to get Just a keyword which Famous in a Specific Location Then also try this.

I Am also want to show you then how to create a google adword account free and how to use it.First of all You Need to access To google adword tool. If you have a Gmail account then Just register .

  • Go on this link and Sign in Using your gmail account. If Registration Require Then Just Complete The information about your self. If you are new to use this tool then First confirm Your age is 18 in your Gmail account, Its mean You can select your account in which your age is 18+
After all When you log in to your account Then there will Be a Option of “Tools” , You can click on this & Select Keyword planner. Now your Keyword planner is ready. But Remember before using you can learn something about The options. For this reason i created a Video tutorial in urdu. Watch This video & Find the ways to Get traffic to your website by Using This Great tool

Google adword  Tutorial in urdu & hindi
Finally I created a Useful Video about Search engine optimization. No Doubt in online Market many other Tools  are also available but Google keyword planner is very Important because That’s a Google own Product. If you have any Question Then Please share in comments . i will Give you Fast Response.

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  1. when i enter my email on google adwords there is a notification that we aren't able to set up our account what should i do?

  2. when i enter email on google adwords there is a notification that we are not able to setup account for you why?

  3. when i enter my email on google adwords there is a notification that we aren't able to set up our account what should i do?

  4. thanks bhai jaan 🙂
    it is very helpful and useful for me (Y)
    i always get everything from you blog 😉

  5. You must signup from email which have 18 years old. its mean you can add info of your date of birth in which your age is 18 years

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