how to add a website to google webmaster tool?

As clear From the name Then google webmaster tool is for bloggers & webmasters. I am going to share some information about this tool & the working Criteria in urdu tutorial. However Video is not enough for every one so will Take a look on webmaster tool in My article.
Basically this is a tool of google in which you can add your website To list in Google.The great tool will index your website & will show to Your visitors in Search. For example if you have a website But You are not added this to webmaster tool then Visitors will Not Find your website in Google. So by the help of This tool we can easily adding a website to search engine & Then webmaster tool Indexing it.

google webmaster tool tutorials in urdu

How to add a Website to Google webmaster Tool?

Now this is The important Point Then how to use webmaster tool.?
Webmaster tools is very simple in using.But IF we want to add a website from beginning & we are newbies then You must follow the steps to get better result.
First of all Go to


After viewing The page you will see a button of “add PROPERTY” Or add a website. You can simply click on this and in the next steps add your website URl . Now you will redirect to a dashboard where many options will be available. But now Your half work is done . Go to the next Section to complete it.

How to Verify A website in Google webmaster tool?

Now the next Step is the verification of a website in google webmaster tool. verification mean then You can verify then i am the Real author of this Blog/website. and for this Google will ask you to verify yourself by using any method.There are Four methods to verify your website
  • By adding A meta tag to your website
  • By using Google analytics
  • By domain name
  • By Uploading a html file to website

Verification process is Not a long game But its will take Few Seconds. You can watch below video To verify Your website.

Google webmaster tool video tutorial in urdu

Happy With Google Webmaster tool tutorials in urdu

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