How To add Title tag To blogger? Video Tutorial in Urdu

In this piece of article i want to show you then how to change your blogger Title by The help of a Html tag which name is Title tag. Mostly Blogger is in Html language and Because of this we are be able to change the name in Html. If we want to change blogger title from the settings then Its also Possible But change from Html section is better then Default settings.
change your blogger website title

How to change Your website title? 

 First of all remember then this title will be appear in Google & other search engines as a Website Title. without a Title our site will not visible in search clearly. So Take this important Step Now & change your Blogger title.
NOw see a short Guide to be done.
First of all open template section and then Click on “Edit HTML”. after opening this section Search For this tag <HEAD> By Clicking CTRL+F . Now you can Paste Below code After this <head> Tag.

<title> Techmediapak </title> 

Now Replace this Title (Techmediapak) With  your blog Title. Save your Template. In on page Search engine optimization meta tags also have a Important Rule. So you can also add meta tags to your website To set focus keywords & Website description. For all settings you can watch Our Blogger SEO Video training in urdu language.

Advantage Of of This

  • This provides information for search engine.
  • you can get some information about this website content by the help of this title.
  • title tag is important in Seo.
  • this is also a description of the website

for complete method please watch the video

This is just a simple trick to add A title to Website page. YOU can also Use this tag to change any website Name. By The way Its Not Important then Other On page SEO. But yes That’s better if you can change. 

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