how to check your website on google adsense ban checker?

is your website be able to google adsense? Maybe you have no answer . but now i found a tool which is very helpful and working tool for adsense ban checking. i also shared here a tutorial about make money with google adsense in urdu & described every thing about adsense. but recently i got this tool and then Thought about a tutorial.

google adsense ban checker

how does This working?

basically this is a website and have a good rating in google search.because i choose this. If any one have a website and want to get a google adsense account but not know then his account is banned or working then they can check this tool first.This is just a website which we can use for adsense ban checking. Check your competitor websites by using this tool & Confirm now then why he is not using adsense. Many time Peoples having no idea about website so this tool will give you an a idea then why a person not Using adsense & what is the reason behind this. I saw many websites not using adsense then i decided then maybe their adsense will be banned but after checking here i got a different answer.

how to check your website?

first of all visit here is a box where you can putt your website url & then click on submit button. if you want to check another person website then just enter his website URL and apply this method. after submitting this website will be give you a result about adsense can watch the below tutorial for Learning more about this. 

watch tutorial about adsense ban checker

this tutorial is very important for every one who wish about Google adsense. Video is in urdu & hindi language but if you not understand this video then comment below and ask your question , i will answer you . 

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