how to do Social media marketing with facebook ads in urdu

In facebook marketing Facebook ads playing a Big rule. If you want to do Best marketing Then you can take Advantages From this. Recently i shared my advertisement on facebook just in 1$ an i Got very better Result. Facebook ads IS not Just Useful for Sharing Posts But You Can also Promote Your Page & website. If You want to participate in this You need to create a Facebook page.  You can easily Promote your page & website links with this great service. I think facebook launched this Ads System Specially for those peoples who have Just a small amount of money. Its very different from other advertisement networks.

How much money needed For facebook ads?

its depend on you how much you want to spent on facebook ads.if you want to Run your advertisement for 7 days then you can pay 7$ But If you want to Run it for one day then you an Spend just 1$. So maximum 1 dollar is required. Facebook will not charge this amount immediately But will give you a Special time to Pay your bill.
You can Pay Your Bill via Paypal or Payoneer. Since Paypal is not available in Pakistan & some other countries So you can Use Payoneer master card for This Purpose.
how to do Social media marketing with facebook ads in urdu

Benefits Of Facebook ads

If you want to Earn money from facebook Then its not a bad way .you can use it for Getting more money via social media. In this piece of article we will take a look on facebook ads benefits.
  1. Its will give you good result in cheap rates
  2. Its a good source for getting More likes
  3. If you have a blog or website then this is a Big source for getting targeted traffic to your blog & website
  4. You can get Targeted likes easily
  5. Not a Big money required but Very small amount
  6. Its a Good Source for small business to share with world
  7. A good way to get more views on your Videos
if you want to start a campaign on facebook then you need to use some techniques  which not possible For Me to share in This article . so i created Facebook ads complete video training in urdu & hindi.You can start Learning from Below videos.

#1: Facebook ads Video tutorial
#2: Facebook ads video tutorial

If You Can Run Your advertisement Systematically Then its a Long term beneficial thing for you. For Effective results Use keywords Planner tools for It. Because In facebook ads WE also need it in some Time.

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