How to unlock payoneer account in urdu/hindi

My payoneer account was locked because of some reason from payoneer team.And finally Unlocked after a long process. It was not a Long process but i was a newbie and not aware of such actions. Now I think many of my friends will have this problem and Having no solution . But i want to remove all the misconceptions about payoneer support forum. Check Below What i posted on facebook  after Getting locked my account. It’s the bad example of how much i got hurted .


Payoneer account blocked
That’s what i posted On Facebook after The action against my account


Actually payoneer have good security for their customers and  many check points for hackers. That’s why they are taking every action fast and clearly. My account was locked for my security. As i done something wrong with my account.

Why My payoneer account has been locked?

There are many guidelines on payoneer support page which you can read to avoid blocking and locking . But if you’ve done anything wrong Mistakenly then Still you have chances to recover. Below is the top reasons which cause of locking my account

  • I Forgot My password.
  • Attempted to reset and then received a link to Reset
  • Password resets But they asked for answering security questions.And i forgot the answers So tried many times wrong answers and finally My account Locked and received a message via my email about this action.

Now If you have a question then why they are locking our accounts after getting some wrong information. So below is The answer.

Reasons Of Locking

One thing which i shared Above that payoneer taking everything so serious while you are doing your activities on your account. So My account locked Because of security reasons. And some time Hackers want to stole your Money or something more So whenever they want to get access To your payoneer account via your email and want to reset your password then payoneer asking about Secret answers AND you are one of them who know about the answers. So If You are attempting wrong answers then Payoneer will Take you as a hacker. Now when They are locking your account No one will have access to your account Including you.

So If your account is locked and now you want to Recover then Must follow the steps To get it soon.

Unlock payoneer account In Easy Steps

There are two things in payoneer which are dangerous and you can use it carefully if you want to protect your account or want to save your money.

  1. Blocking of payoneer account
  2. Locking of payoneer account

but locking is no more a big problem after reading this article. and blocking is depend on payoneer why they are blocking any one account or debit card. But still both problems have solution.

so as we are talking about unlocking of payoneer account then our focus will be on this topic.

First of all you can visit this link which is Payoneer contact page.

here you will have many options like

  • Live chat
  • call Us
  • send message
  • Community
  • report lost or stolen card

But many of this options are not available any time. so you can choose “Send message Option which you can use to contact them. and after going to the link you will see a form which you can fill and tell them about the problem which you are facing.

Below is the snapshot of a form which you can fill in their contact page according to their rule and regulations.

  • Select Your Language
  • Email address (Associated with Payoneer account)
  • First Name (Your Name on mastercard)
  • Last Name
  • Last 4 digits of card /bank account
  • select your country
  • Select a Topic
  • Now Write the details about your problem and click on submit.


once everything is done correctly they will reply you . and will ask for some information . give them correct information and your problem will be solved. The minimum time of reply from payoneer team is 3 days.

A video Tutorial on this Topic in Urdu

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