Inpage urdu complete full Training in urdu

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Hi friends!
i want to tell some thing in this post about new video tutorial of “Inpage urdu”. is the Best website for urdu video tutorials and tips ,tricks,etc.
today i am publishing a complete course of “inpage urdu”

inpage tutorials in urdu

inpage urdu is a best software for urdu text writing.i have created many videos for you which will guide you step by steps.Inpage is very simple and small application software, it was released in 2000 and still it is in the same shape, programmers didn’t try to improve it. Therefore  the video course being shared here is a complete solution for learning inpage in Urdu language. So you just need to follow the video tutorials and all you’ll learn it completely in your own Urdu language.
so now start..

#1:Inpage introduction video in urdu

in this video i am i am guide you about urdu keyboard in inpage and more options about inpage.

#2:file creating and text writing in inpage

This video is about file and many more options in inpage can learn some thing from this.

#3:Edit option in inpage .how its work?

how to edit a file in inpage by the “Edit” the tutorial.

#4:how to set urdu key board in inpage urdu ?

how to set urdu ,kashmiri and farsi keyboard in inpage urdu software.and how to create a costom colour in inpage..

#5:insert table,About text format in  inpage urdu

this video is about “format” option in inpage urdu .and insert a table in inpage..

#6:inpage urdu Utilities” video tutorial in urdu

in this video you can learn some thing about inpage new options “utilities”  and etc .

#7:how to insert a picture in inpage urdu?

how to insert a picture in inpage and how to resize it?
save your picture in bitmap file by inpage urdu..

now ready for some interesting projects in inpage tutorials in urdu… our important work is start now..

“Projects in inpage urdu”

project No :1
write text above in a picture….

project No:2
text rotating in inpage urdu

project No :3
how to copy text to coral draw and adobe photo shop

So this is The “inpage complete training” in urdu..hope you are enjoy this …
Thanks for watch…

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