Learn html in urdu complete video training

Html is a Programming language. Its mean then html stand for Hyper Text Markup language. Its founded By a person Sir Berners Lee In 1990. The programming language helping webmasters and web designers to create any type of web page. There are many tags which helping users to make a complete web page. This tags help Browser To show a Web page. in Simple words Html is a Programming language which we can use to create a website or web page. But for making a page in html we need Basic Education to understand. and without Learning coding and Html we are not be able to Make a web page in html. So here we have a complete Video training in Urdu/hindi. now you can Learn html in Urdu Language.

Learn html in urdu

html tutorials in Urdu & hindi

Without any doubt Its confirm now then Html is important for every web developer. But many of our Pakistani Brothers Not understand the quality tutorials in english language and Our education system is so weak in This type of activities. So I created a Full Course in Urdu So every one can Understand easily in Their own language. I heard from many Peoples who are living in pakistan and want to learn web development but They are getting failed because of No facilities. and Sometime They have institute near their homes But have no access Because of Economic problems. Institutions Demanding Money and many of poor getting failed in learning. So I Thought to create a Full Training and here i am sharing this.

What’s In This Course?

The course is Base on many tutorials. All the tutorials is in Urdu/hindi language and you will understand easily after watching any video. There are many parts of this course .

In the first step of this video training you will learn about the basic and in the second You will learn about Tags. And how to use tags.?So By watching this Videos you will be get a Lot of Knowledge About creating an Html document. I have no need to explain my course more in Article But you can watch and realise how much our course is effective.

(complete Training in Youtube Playlist )

This is a playlist and all videos is available In this Playlist. After watching a video completely you will see another video automatically.

We are providing all courses Free and getting nothing in return. The main purpose of this is to Educate our Pakistani in the field of technology. Now its your turn then how much you are sharing Our Tutorials with others. I hope You will understand whats i am talking about. So please share and keep visiting our website. Soon we will update this course with new videos.

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  • February 2, 2018 at 12:03 pm

    its very helpful, i was needed a video that is fully covered by urdu video.. thanks for the article you shared with us.


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