make money online introduction video tutorial in Urdu/hindi

Hi Guys!! You must know to earn money through internet.But do you know rather it is true are false? Yes !you can earn money online But its not an easy work.Today i shell tell you that how would you earn online Money.We need Two basic thing to earn online money. when we are going to start an offline business we need to spent a lot of money but in the world of internet we can start a business with a low Bit money. So two things which is famous now a days for earning money online is

IF we want to start making money online from a website then Its clear then we need a Blog or website. But making a website is now Not a big problem. You can easily create a Free website on blogger Or create a Free blog on which is famous.
make money online in urdu

How to make money From a Blog?

The most easiest way is to earning money from a Blog. Most pakistani peoples Think then making money online is a false way and its fraud But i will prove in this article then this is the wrong Decision. BUT its true then you will not earn money online without hard work. So creating a blog is The first step to join the world of internet. You can create a Free Blog and then Post some Unique and Good articles on this. Share Your articles on social media and then You can join The following ads network to Make money. Read This all ads companies reviews And then show Their ads on your blog.

After reading this exclusive guides You will be able to Earn money from your blog. If you want to earn a Big amount of money then you can apply for adsense . But as a new blogger maybe they will not approve your website. Because they have strict rules. But do hard work and share Unique things on your blog.

Earn money from social media Guide

social media is a Great source for Earning. But there is To ways to choose.

  1. If you have a Blog then Promote your Blog on social media an then people will visit your website. After visiting your website they will see your ads & then You will earn
  2. If you want to directly Use social media for earning then follow Our guide.

Facebook is one of the best social media network & twitter also very famous. So if you want to Use this network for earning then i want to share some websites where You can signup and then Make any link Short By using their tools. You can copy any link from any where and then Modify it by this website. a website will put a advertisement on the link and when someone visiting your link first they will see a Link of ads for 5 seconds. So now its your responsibility Then how much visitors you are providing to a link From social media. You can watch this video to Learn more about This.

Here is some links from where you can start earning via social media


NOW Watch the video which is also helpful .

Watch The video tutorial “make money online introduction in Urdu&hindi”

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