make money with google adsense video tutorial in urdu/Hindi

If You are Using Google and Know about this Just as A Search Engine Then you are Wrong.This is Not Just a Search Engine But A Store Of Services and Products.Google Have a Lot of Services For webmasters,Phone Users, and Customers.some Famous Products Or Services of Google is GMAIL,google Plus,Google Drive, Etc.
But on 18 ,2003 Google released A Product Name “Google Adsense” For Those People who want To make Money Online.Now This Is one of The famous Product of Google.Thats a Very Good and Useful For those People who want To Earn money online.If You Have a Blog OR website and Want to Use this for Earning Money online Then Google Adsense Is a Better Way For you.If your Website Have a Good Contents and A Good Traffic From google then you are a Good Luck Man Because If You Want To Get an a adsense Account then a High Quality website is the Need Of you.

Make money with google adsense video tutorial in urdu/hindi

How Does adsense Working?

When we are Going to discuss The Google adsense Working Process Then Remember Then Google have also a Service For advertiser.Advertiser or Using Google Adwords For sharing their Business or Other work with world online on Google.So when Someone Or Want to Post Their Advertisement on High Quality websites Then they are Using google Adwords and Paying Money for This.When you are advertising your Business on google adword and someone Searching A keyword related With your Business Then your ad will be appear on google.So When You are getting a Google adsense Account then You will be able to show the ads on your website/blog or other contents and Get paid when People or click or view any ad.In Short words Mean Then Google adwords is for Advertisers and Google adsense is for Publishers. Advertisers or Paying money to Google and Google paying Money to Publishers.

How To apply For Google adsense?

i am Also Created a google adsense tutorial for Understanding good.But Here i want to share something more in article.If You want to apply for google adsense Then Remember some Good Instructions Before applying.

  • Your website Have Good contents
  • Daily Good traffic from google
  • AT Least 40 or more posts
  • Your website Are 6 Months Old ( Just in pakistan and some other Countries)
  • Your website Have No Porn/Games/software/Hacking/Drugs contents
  • No copy Right contents in Your website
So This is Some Important Rules Of Google adsense In pakistan .and If You have any Problem Like I mentioned in Article Then Don’t West your time for apply to google adsense.Now Watch The below Video and Learn from This Completely about All Things Related with Google adsense.
Make money with Google adsense Video tutorial In urdu & Hindi

Every Webmaster Have a Dream of making Money online But When they Are Trying to Work Online and Getting Problems Then they are Leaving the world of Internet.Thats Not good.Because Hard working is the Key of success and Without Hard working Earning Money  is Not Possible.So Just Focus on Your work On Your website Contents and Then Making a lot of money from google adsense Is Very Easy..I think my This information will be help full for you & Hope then you are Like This ..Stay Happy

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