online earning in pakistan with fiverr in urdu

Earn Money at Home is now not a hard Work.Once i meet a freelancer Mr.Tahir jamal in my university Who used to work at Fiverr.I sought the procedure from Him and started to work as well.Then i decided to Make a Tutorial on Fiverr.

fiverr in urdu/hindi

Fiverr is a Best marketing and Working place for Freelancers.You can Sell any thing here Only in 5$.Work on fiverr is Very simple.But for work here you Need Some skills Such As

  • -Graphics designing
  • -Search Engine Optimization
  • -Article writing
  • -Logo Designing

Skills is Not A Problem But Thats Good for Earning Big Money.The famous services on fiverr is The above Mention in article So I think Learn some thing About this before started work on fiverr.And check your self then which work best for your career on Fiverr.

How To start Work on fiverr

people who want to start work on fiverr follow our guidelines.Working on fiverr is nothing  hard but this is very simple.see The below steps

  1. First Register an a Account With your Email Address.

in Registration process you need a Email address  Like Gmail/yahoo Etc.When you can Visit the registration link Then add this email in the box.and click on Continue.

See Snapshot
fiverr training in urdu
After Add Your email address in the Box Then open your Email and Follow the instruction Which is send you via fiverr to your account.Fiverr send also to you a link for complete your registration.Now Complete your profile and start selling.

Start Selling on fiverr

before start any work on fiverr complete your profile information and Then Go to start marketing here.Before sell any thing Apply for payoneer master card Because without payoneer master card you can not Get earn money in pakistan.

For sell anything or working on fiverr Create a Gig and publish it on your profile.Before publishing a Gig Remember Then write Good and informative Description and info about your Gig.
You can also add A video file to your gig because Video is better for sell And Earn more money on fiverr.

How To create a Gig On fiverr?

Gig is just the information about your work.Create a gig By Clicking on your profile and then Click on “Create a Gig” and now add Gig title.
For example : I will Create for you a logo
  • Select Category 
  • Upload a Image about your Gig 
  • Add Description about your Gig 
  • Add Tags to your fiverr gigs 
  • Add Duration 
  • Add important instruction for buyers

Now Click on Save and Continue.
Your Gig is Now ready but in next Steps you can also upload a video file about Your Gig But This is optional.After completing your gig Share This On your social Media Profiles and wait for Orders.
Now watch The Below Complete video Guide in urdu.

How To start work on fiverr (Video Tutorial)

How to start selling on fiverr

How To Get Orders On fiverr

The article is only the short introduction of Fiverr and Working on fiverr Tips.To know More about Fiverr and learn Some thing Great Watch OUR 30 mints Fiverr Complete video training In urdu.This complete course is a Chance for you to start work online.
Happy Always in online world

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