Best free online tools to test website speed

Few Minutes Had passed but still my website Loading and Not Opening to view. Whats the Hell is this? What is the problem in my Website? that’s all are the questions which may be came to your mind after visiting a website. Basically without proper information it’s not possible to identified a problem.That’s why you are not know then what is the problem behind slow speed. But we will take you to the right place . in the first step of this article we will take a light on the factors which decrease your website speed.

tools to test website speed

Top Reasons which decrease your website speed

here are the list of factors which cause slow speed

  • Java Scripts
  • Slue server
  • Facebook like Box
  • Unprofessional widgets
  • Unnecessary Plugins
  • Using pictures with big size
  • Blocking scripts
  • Adsense ads

There are many other reasons but what we mentioned here is Included in the top. google Adsense ads tracking your website and because of this your website will be get down the speed. Facebook like box is So bad for your website if you are using WordPress. Other wise in its working fine.

Now the important thing which we need to understand is Then how can we check our website speed By using different tools. from the start of my blogging journey my focus is to speed up my blog. And i searched a lot on many platforms about this problem. So this is My personal experience about the tools which i am using in my daily life of blogging.

All the tools which will help you in checking a site speed is given below.

1:Google page speed insight

as we are thankful to google for providing many good services to newbies like me. I was not aware much better about google but I think now I am going to understand the work of google. For webmasters google working great and providing high facilities free of cost. If you want to get good result via search engines than many of pro bloggers will recommended Tools which is not free . And at this time we have google which playing a rule of real friend and google page speed insight is one of the great effort of google. you can check your website speed by using this tool.

2:Pingdom Tool

a pretty good tool with simple interface and with good suggestions. if a user want to correct his wrongness and want to recover his website speed then must try this tool. we have google speed insight but pingdom tool is completely different.


visit this site and enter your website to analyze your page speed. after few seconds every thing will be in the front of you. You can optimize your site much better. Difference between gt matrix and pingdom is then Gt matrix will tell you about the size of your main page also.

you can also find some more tools to check your site speed and increase by following their suggestions. as you know then we are providing tutorials in Urdu and a lot of our visitors belong from pakistan and india so many of them will not understand english article. So the video tutorial in Urdu is also available here to watch.

previously we Discussed the topic on Top 5 free SEO tools for blogging Now this is The second effort to share something different. Our aim is to provide quality contents with Video Tutorials in Urdu & I Think we are Going On the right Way.

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